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  • New spooling machine online

    Recently,a new set of spooling machine is commissioning officially put into production in Yuze company.The machine can use PL,PT and NP series spools type,that further enrich our packaging.   At present, we can supply spools packaging as follows:   Please contact us if you have any needs or...
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  • The Storage Environment of Stainless Steel Mesh Important

    The Storage Environment of Stainless Steel Mesh Important

    Stainless steel mesh is a kind of corrosion-resistant steel wire, which is not absolutely rust-free, and its corrosion performance in chemical media is not particularly stable. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel wire mesh is affected by its chemical elements such as nickel, chromium, cop...
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  • Welcome all of you to visit Yuze

    Welcome all of you to visit Yuze

    When I review the photo of the customer visit ,I remembered Korean and Australian customers visited our work shop and did a further discuss in our meeting room.It was a good memory that all the visitors and company relative personnel participated the discuss and it will be great job to understand...
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  • Turkey Exhibition

    Turkey Exhibition

    It is a good promotion way when customer see us in some exhibitions ,especially some professional exhibition ,which relatives with products and products applications.We had participated 4 exhibitions in last 2 years.Our sales department had a very deep understanding abou...
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