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Welcome all of you to visit Yuze

When I review the photo of the customer visit ,I remembered Korean and Australian customers visited our work shop and did a further discuss in our meeting room.It was a good memory that all the visitors and company relative personnel participated the discuss and it will be great job to understand well of each other.Firstly ,customer visited our work shop to understand our production capacity,normal specification and the advantages and disadvantages of the looms and products ;they were very interested in some heavy mesh and see how is our capacity to make sure the quality,and they are keen on the lead time ;We have at least 10 sets looms dedicated for this item,and customers are satisfied with the shipping time ;And customer asked us other question ,especially how is our quality control?Our quality department manager introduced our quality control process ,it should be traced back to the raw material ;we conducted the inspection of the wire includes the chemical composition test and physical composition test ,we carry out the standard of ASTM A580-14 ;if the wire is qualified ,then we will come to the next step;if not ,then will trace back to wire rod supplier ,and take fast action for new material supplement ;During the weaving process ,warping and reeding with highly technical requirement ;some technicians need to pay high attention to it;Afterwards,it is weaving ;weaving process also be monitored,Our insite technicans do the randomly check during the weaving ,to see the mesh parameters and mesh surface are good enough;if happen the mesh defects ,immediately technican will report to production and asked the weavers to make sure the following batch are complying to the standard.

After the shop visit ,we had a commercial discuss ,includes company comprehensive introduction ,products applications ,shipping way and payment ,etc.This meeting lasted about 1 hour,every parties gained from this meeting and discussing ;We are anticipating to next meeting.Hope every customers and relative family members are in safe ,healthy condition.Let us expect a better cooperation.


Post time: May-08-2021