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Stainless Steel Woven mesh

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  • Stainless Steel Woven mesh:
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    Stainless steel wire mesh is one of our main products, which can weave 1-

    635 mesh square hole mesh and the most dense 2800 mesh dense grain

    mesh; It is mainly used in petrochemical, plastic

    filtration,civil protectionand other fields.


    46 sm14


    For stainless steel wire, we have special advantages. From raw materials

    to finished products, we can realize the traceability of products and

    processes.At present, we have more than 100 screen looms, of which 60

    are mediumand heavy-duty weaving equipment; Advanced weft

    clampingtechnology is adopted to ensure the uniformity of mesh and the

    consistency of mesh structure.


    Mesh production sm56 sm7

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